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Welcome to our Online Services. In this section you can submit or request any of the following:

• Border letters*

• Settlement amounts

• Balance certificates**

• Statements

• Paid up letters

• Compliments, Complaints and Enquiries

* When requesting a border letter, please remember to submit proof of insurance (in PDF format) in order for us to process your request.

** A balance certificate is an audit certificate provided for tax or audit purposes and will give you a list of all your contracts indicating the Capital Outstanding, Interest Outstanding and Total Balance Outstanding per contract (for all current contracts) as at the specified date. Please take note that none of the figures indicated on the Balance Certificate are settlement amounts. Should you require a settlement, please select “Settlement Request”

Please take note that there is a turn around time of 24 working hours for any requests sent to our Customer Service Team.

The online chat functionality is available should you require any support or assistance. Click on “Talk to Us” for this option.

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